Social media were crucial to promoting the Oil Spill Wildlife Rescue

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Steven Matsumoto, CEO of Stigmaré Couture Marketing & Product Development, was one of the key organizers of the Oil Spill Wildlife Rescue in Seattle on July 15. The fundraiser attracted more than 300 attendees and raised more than $7,000 for The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to save oil-stricken wildlife in the Gulf Coast (For more details, see my July 27 post).

Matsumoto took time out of his day to answer questions about organizing the rescue and the role played by social media. He also described some of Stigmaré’s future activities.

Transcript of Interview

Sean: I’m here at the Bellevue Hilton with Steven Matsumoto, who was in charge of coordinating the marketing for the recent Oil Spill Wildlife Rescue event that was held at the Columbia Tower Club in Seattle. And so, Steven, can you tell us a bit about the marketing and how social media played an important role.

Steven: Absolutely. Social media was actually one of the key aspects of us driving awareness for the event. We combined traditional media via releasing press releases to the bloggers and the local media contacts, as well as using Facebook, Eventbrite, Twitter, SocialOomph and several other social media platforms for just driving awareness about the event to create interest, to sell tickets, educate people about what was going on. So, social media was a key point in our marketing strategy.

Sean: My understanding is that you had, if anything, an excess of people who wanted to show up.

Steven: Absolutely. I mean, we were actually really, really surprised at the interest. We knew that the Puget Sound is really philanthropic and charitable by nature, so we knew we would get a good attendance. When we closed the Eventbrite three hours before the event, we had 302 tickets sold, and we probably had an excess of 350 people show up to the Columbia Tower Club, and just due to a lack of space, we actually had to turn people away. We didn’t want to, but we couldn’t fit any more people into the club, I’m afraid!

Sean: People who are watching this video, who may not have been able to attend, what are some ways that they could help out?

Steven: The best way for them to help out is to just contact The Nature Conservancy directly … because if this can happen in the Gulf of Mexico, off the shores of Texas, it can happen here in the Puget Sound, and The Nature Conservancy’s efforts are going to save generations of wildlife down there, not just the current generation.

Sean: I want to thank you, Steven, for your generosity for taking on that project pro-bono, and we look forward to your future events. Does Stigmaré have any future events planned?

Steven: We’re still in the planning processes for Emerald City Fashion Week, of course, and that is going a little slower than I would like … we are going to be working with Chic Meets Geek for their Seattle Launch, pre Gnomedex in August, so stay tuned for more information on that on the Stigmaré Twitter stream, as well as my personal Twitter stream, and our Facebook Fan Pages.

Sean: Thank you, Steven.

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