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Bioethicist Richard Dawkins: Morality, Society Can Be “Intelligently Designed”

Richard Dawkins addresses a crowd of 1,200

This article I wrote on Richard Dawkins’ presentation got featured on Richard Dawkins’ own Website.

Richard Dawkins addresses a crowd of 1,200

Richard Dawkins addressed a crowd of 1,200 on Sunday, Apr. 2012, in Bellevue, WA. --Photo by Venice Buhain, editor of Bellevue Patch.

Famed British bioethicist Professor Richard Dawkins, a leader of the New Atheism movement, encouraged a crowd of almost 1,200 people gathered at Newport High School on Sunday to “take back American values” and become a more influential force of American culture.

“True American Values. The values of Jefferson and Madison  …  Let’s intelligently design our morality rather than trying to read what’s right and wrong in a 3,000-year-old book. Religion has hijacked morality for centuries,” Dawkins told an audience that ran the gamut of ages from pre-teens to senior citizens.



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