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My eye-friendly Visual Studio color Theme: ReMix

After two years of using the default Visual Studios theme, I decided it was time to create one that was easier on the eyes and more readable. The result was ReMix: https://studiostyl.es/schemes/remix



  • Minimize strain on eyes with a jet-black background.
  • Guide users’ eyes about the page by assigning bright colors to the most important parts of code, such as HTML elements, XML elements, script tags, and keywords. Many of these are located on the left-hand of the design window, which facilitates z-reading.
  • Don’t let colors “clash” with one another. Assign a mix of bright colors and muted colors to reduce visual competition. Using only primaries and whites would drag the eye every which way.
  • Avoid using too many colors at once. Limit the number of colors for each language (e.g., C#, JS, XML), and to have a decent amount of white code.
  • Assign a different sub-theme to every language type to immediately differentiate them in the user’s mind. However, maintain certain commonalities among language types (e.g., the markup languages will tend to use brighter reds for attributes and whites for attribute values, while script languages will tend to use purples for keywords).

Screenshots (Click to Expand)

C# Code


XML Code





I started by perusing existing studiostyles color schemes, and choosing the best to modify and combine. I downloaded the vssettings file for the EasyEyes theme, and used that as my schema to modify piecemeal. The StudioStyles Website has an excellent editing tool. I changed the element names for XML and XAML to be a brighter blue, and gave their attributes somewhat muted blues to give the element names visual … Read the rest

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